Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pregnant with Possibility

What does it mean when a woman without a lover dreams that she is with child? I always think it’s a very good sign, for such a woman is pregnant with herself! The girl abandoned in childhood returns to be cherished by her own grown-up heart. When we are neglected or abused as kids, it is common to forsake our authentic self-expression in an attempt to survive the behavior of our parents. A woman who is pregnant with herself knows that it is time to emerge from the darkness of repressed feelings and needs. She is getting ready, nourishing the miracle of selfhood in her psychic womb until she feels safe enough to speak her own truth, live her own wisdom.

Maybe it’s necessary to do this kind of gestating apart from a romantic relationship because otherwise too much energy is spent on taking care of a partner. Likewise, a woman can get lulled into expecting someone to nurture her, never discovering her capacity to be tender with herself. Either way, she is disempowered. The dream child comes to teach that self-love is the ultimate power. The soul understands that this fundamental lesson must be learned before a fulfilling partnership can be created.

A woman who is pregnant with herself is preparing to birth her own worth. Having delivered herself, she will be ready to explore the possibility of uniting her soul force with another’s.