Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where Am I? Facebook!

I'm interpreting dreams on the Facebook page for The Night Is Jung Come join us!

Here's an example of how I work.

DREAMER: I was wearing my blue beaded sparkly dress I wear for dancing while looking for a job in flower nurseries. As I was having lunch with a friend, a woman approached me to say her man was “off limits.” I said, "I do not even know his name," while the handsome man smiled largely from behind her.

THE NIGHT IS JUNG: I wonder if your animus is courting you, but maybe you feel like it's not OK to go after him. He's "off limits." By animus, I mean your "masculine" qualities such as assertiveness, direct communication about what you want, taking initiative, feeling confident (maybe even feeling confident with men), and general empowerment. It's interesting, because in Jungian theory, a certain deep blue is a symbol of the feminine. So you are all dressed up in garb to express your feminine, looking for a job with flowers (a kind of feminine job, as it is earth-oriented), feeling attracted to a masculine character. Maybe this is happening because your feminine knows that you need the help of the masculine to get the job. Maybe that's why she/you is in a dress that sparkles--to get his attention. So is there a job of some kind, literal or figurative, that you want? Is there something you want to cultivate (as in growing flowers) in your life, but need a little umpf to help you take constructive action? Is there anything at all that you desire that you think is somehow wrong to want or have and so you don't pursue it? If you were to imagine in your mind's eye a conversation between your dream self and that handsome man, what would they say to each other? See what happens. Maybe he's not as "off limits" as he seems.


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