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Dream Interpretation Workshop

Sunday, July 30

4–5:30 p.m.


Soft Medicine Sanctuary

186 N Main St #120, Sebastopol


Whether you dream about driving cars, exploring houses, flying, getting chased, missing a boat, or any other wild and weird thing, Melissa Grace can teach you how to unpack the messages of your dream images. In this interactive IN-PERSON workshop, she will describe five dream interpretation techniques and then will use participants’ dreams to demonstrate them.


Find out how dream work can help you:

• Gain clarity and insight about hidden beliefs, feelings, and needs that may be obstructing your growth.

• Experience a greater sense of wholeness, self-acceptance, and love.

• Understand your dreams as a vehicle for your own personal connection to Spirit.

• Tap into the unique messages that your psychic self carries just for you.

• Learn about the healing power of metaphor and images.

• Take the fear out of nightmares.

Join us!

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