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Are You Afraid of Change? Snake Has Advice for You

Are you afraid to change?


Contrary Snake, from the Medicine Cards, comes to us when we do not believe in our capacity to change. This is particularly true regarding situations and relationships that are toxic to us.


Sometimes we have to endure a period of discomfort in order to release ourselves from a person or job that no longer works for us. Contrary Snake says that hanging on creates more pain than letting go.


So loosen your grip and allow Snake to transmute circumstantial or relational poison into a new reality—a new you—filled with vitality and fulfillment.


Making a change may require confronting self-limiting beliefs that claim you aren’t worthy of getting your needs met, or that you never will have enough resources to make a big move. Remember that when you accept responsibility for your life and take concrete steps toward shifting unhelpful thoughts, behaviors, and relationships, the Universe will rush in to offer support.


Look for the grace offered to you every day. And where there is no grace, create it with acts of kindness and love for yourself and others. The magic of life is yours for the taking. As you embrace it, you’ll find you’ll have no room for fear in your blessed arms.

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