I was very lucky to get to work with Melissa on an important dream. When we first embarked on the dream symbols I appreciated Melissa's ability to hold the space and energy so well. And lo and behold that dream work brought me around to the another dream that I had done extensive work on. Melissa helped me see implicit comparisons between the two. And she helped me understand the underlying archetypes. This resulted in a flourishing of self-love and appreciation where with a more cursory analysis there seemed to be judgement and comparison. I was totally missing this. Melissa was astute, patient, and unwavering in her calm and nurturing approach. She helped me heal something big. Melissa will bring this level of awareness and care to your dream, too. Her passion for these realms is obvious. JENNY SIECK
Melissa Grace has helped me several times over the years by doing both readings and dream interpretations. Her intuition has always given me new insights into my situation, which has helped in my decision-making process—especially when I’ve found myself at a crossroads. On two occasions in particular, she has suggested specific, unlikely ideas that she had no way of knowing fit my situation perfectly. I’d recommend her with no hesitation!
Melissa’s spiritual coaching sessions are a light filled, yet grounded experience.  I walked away saying not only, “I deserve this!”, but  also, “I can do this!”
KORIE, Bearstar Holistic Healing
All my life, I have been haunted by a childhood dream I never understood. I have looked at it every way I could, have brought it to dream groups, but have never felt its message until I asked Melissa to help me with it. I could feel her going within as she sat quietly, and then she softly spoke in a way that opened that dream as if she had pulled out the missing key. Wow! She presented the possibility to me with deference and gentleness, which helped me enter the dream with new vision. It now makes so much sense to me, and helps me understand other shadowy ideas around who I was as a child and what was important to me.