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The depth and richness of the dream world is fully realized in working with Melissa. She is truly gifted and opens her heart to share information, insight, and guidance in a way that is warm and accepting. I have been a professional counselor and spent time working with clients and on myself. The progress I made pales in comparison to the growth I’ve experienced as a result of doing dream work with Melissa and in her small group of like-minded women. It has been truly life changing. I come away from each encounter having gained insight, and feeling empowered and more fully myself, which is the true benefit of dream work and especially so with Melissa. I am so, so grateful.
Kathleen Yarborough, LPC
I attend Melissa’s Women’s Dream & Divination Circle every week and honestly I’m not sure I can put into words how much this has enriched my life, both inner and outer. I struggle with anxiety but not here! Everyone quickly made me feel like part of the group and was warm and welcoming. I now count down the days until Dream Group with great anticipation! Melissa always has great insights into each of our dreams but, on top of that, she also taps into the psychic realm and I think this is what makes her groups so special. She just KNOWS exactly what you need to hear whether it’s a message from an oracle card she chooses or a dream insight she offers. Highly recommended, this group has helped me to feel empowered as I continue to learn and grow,  and has helped me connect with other women who are on the same page as I am. I went from feeling depressed and like I had no friends left after a major life change to feeling elated after every group, leaving with a big smile on my face. It feels wonderful to be able to connect with other women on such a deep and meaningful level. Melissa’s groups feel like coming home!
Nikki Neal
I consider myself to be deeply, deeply fortunate to know Melissa. Her generous, clear, honest insights have helped me to move toward my truths on several pivotal occasions. Since I've met her, I've never had to dangle between two (or more) choices, feeling stuck and blocked and blinded by fears and illusions. She hasn't just given me advice; she's taught me how to trust myself. This has changed my life for the better, and it will continue to do so.
Candace Walsh,
author of Ask Me About My Divorce and Greetings from Janeland
  I have worked with Melissa for quite awhile. When I bring her a dream she is curious and engaged. And she listens so well and helps me clarify the meaning of things beautifully. Her work has helped me feel empowered and more aware of myself as I change and grow. Plus she is fun to work with. That is a big plus in my book. Highly, highly recommended.
Jenny Sieck, MA, intuitive counselor
All my life, I have been haunted by a childhood dream I never understood. I have looked at it every way I could, have brought it to dream groups, but have never felt its message until I asked Melissa to help me with it. I could feel her going within as she sat quietly, and then she softly spoke in a way that opened that dream as if she had pulled out the missing key. Wow! She presented the possibility to me with deference and gentleness, which helped me enter the dream with new vision. It now makes so much sense to me, and helps me understand other shadowy ideas around who I was as a child and what was important to me.
Leiah Bowden, artist
Melissa Grace has helped me several times over the years by doing both readings and dream interpretations. Her intuition has always given me new insights into my situation, which has helped in my decision-making process—especially when I’ve found myself at a crossroads. On two occasions in particular, she has suggested specific, unlikely ideas that she had no way of knowing fit my situation perfectly. I’d recommend her with no hesitation!
 Ramona Soto, artist and editor
Melissa’s spiritual coaching sessions are a light filled, yet grounded experience.  I walked away saying not only, “I deserve this!”, but  also, “I can do this!”
Korie, Bearstar Holistic Healing
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