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Catch Your Own Star

The Star, from the beautiful Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot by Linzi Silverman, is a powerful card that presages a time of hope, faith, peace, and growth, especially after a period of struggle. (Goddess knows, we've all been struggling during this pandemic!) From a Jungian perspective, the Star is a potent symbol of the Self, our luminous spiritual essence. Sometimes we project our Star onto others—often lovers or teachers. We think these people are amazing, gifted, and worthy of adoration when it is really we who carry these wonderful qualities. In my interpretation, this card is asking us to remember Who We Are—to remember that we are sacred and that we have much insight and potential for transformation. We just need to take the time to turn our attention within. Dream work is one of many ways to connect to the Self. How do you tap into your spiritual center?

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