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It's finally  here!

The Dreaming Oracle

By Cara Roxanne & Melissa Grace Chianta


Four years in the making, this oracle deck helps you tap into the power of Jungian psychology — and the wisdom of your own soul.


Do you ever have a question about life or yourself that you just can't figure out? Pulling an oracle card can help. And if you are interested in dreams, dream interpretation, myth, or symbolism, this deck was crafted with you in mind.

The Dreaming Oracle helps you access the wisdom of myth, universal dream imagery, Jungian psychology, and, most importantly, your own innate divine intelligence so that you can get the answers and insight you need.


Housed within an illustrated presentation box, the deck features:

         • 60 gorgeous cards, reproductions of British painter

           Cara Roxanne's whimsically deep watercolor paintings

         • Beautifully designed 174-page book featuring Melissa's

           in-depth discussion, as well as Cara's poetic interpretations,

           of each card


         • Step-by-step instructions on how to interpret your dreams

        • Glossary of key Jungian terms

Printed in England with high-quality ink and paper, this unique deck is now available in the US for a limited time. Only 200 copies were shipped stateside, so order yours today!



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