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Hello Sun

Happy return of the light!

May we be reminded to seek balance of body, mind, and spirit during this hectic time of year. Consciously breathing for even 30 seconds connects us to our bodies and feelings. So take in a deep breath!

Also, working with our dream images can help us to understand where we are out of balance and what actions we need to take to get back into harmony with ourselves. If we are trying to be Ms. Perfect Hostess, we may find ourselves dreaming of overflowing toilets. If we are madly busy, we may dream about a beautiful sanctuary or safe haven of some kind. If we are trying to be nice to relatives we actually don’t like, we may dream of people doing violent things—our anger expressing itself—or of animals that are charging after us—our instinct to protect ourselves wanting our attention.

Whatever you are experiencing this holiday season, let the gentle return of the light remind you to be gentle with yourself. You are holy just as you are, and deserve all of the love you offer to others. Give back to yourself—give yourself time, kindness, and the freedom of self-expression. Make your needs matter and balance and grace will find you.

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Photo by Ales Krivec

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