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What Are You in the Dark About?

When a dream is set at night, we might ask ourselves: What am I in the dark about in my waking life? But, in reality, dream work itself is a process of groping around in the dark. Whether dream work is done in a circle or one-on-one, everyone involved has to trust the unknown. It’s a creative, interactive process. The dream worker’s questions and the dreamer’s intuition play off of each other until an interpretation strikes a chord. But until that moment arises, both dreamer and dream worker are in the dark. It may be tempting to rush to interpret a symbol to avoid hanging out in uncomfortable uncertainty. But it is so much better to be patient and take ones time, to keep inquiring and feeling through the memories and associations an image evokes until the right meaning is found.

At dream circles and in private sessions, we welcome the unknown. And it is quite amazing how often our trust in the process is rewarded with synchronicities and stellar insights. It’s why I do dream work, so I can tap into that magic on a regular basis. You are welcome to join us. Sign up for a dream circle at or a private dream session at

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