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What Does It Mean When You Dream of Bad Brakes?

Updated: Feb 25

This holiday season, if you find yourself dreaming of hitting brakes that don’t work, don’t be surprised. This is a common dream motif that usually symbolizes feeling out of control, which many of us do with December’s over-packed schedules. If this dream visits you, you might take it as a sign that you need to slow down. Or it may mean it's time to "put the brakes" on a situation or relationship, or perhaps that you are going through a "bad break"—a dissolution of a relationship of some kind.

Of course, your personal associations to any dream image matter more than a static interpretation. So look at how you feel in the dream and investigate what memories and associations you have to your dream images, including the kind of car you are driving, what road you are on, the time of day, and any waking life event the feeling of the dream may remind you of.

If your dream worries you, you can use a process called active imagination to step back into your dream and imagine that the brakes do work. Does this help you feel calmer? You can use this technique to imagine a different ending to any dream you find scary or disturbing. 

Book a dream interpretation session with Melissa Grace to find out more about how to work with your dreams.

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