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What Does Your Soul Feast On?

Flowers before food. That was the saying of my wonderful friend and wise woman Jeanne. It’s what I thought of when I bought these local wildflowers, carefully wrapped in brown paper. Jeanne left her body, at 70, a few years ago, but her unconventional wisdom and playfulness stay with me. She was a healer and an artist, a textile and jewelry maker, who relished walking barefoot around her funky New Mexico house in gorgeous velvet dresses. “Why wait for the party?” she’d quip. As she served me her famous coconut-milk chai in elegant, hand-thrown cups, and gave me a tour of piles of sumptuous fabrics and boxes of colorful stones and glass, Jeanne taught me the value of beauty—most especially the beauty of love. May we all feed our souls the way Jeanne did hers. As for me, today I am feasting on flowers. Thank you, Jeanne. 🌸💐♥️ 🌸

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